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Commodores - Commodores (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Benjamin created a series of artworks called The Roxy Bias Suite in response to their discussions about electronic music.

Grażyna Łobaszewska - Przepływamy (CD)

Brian himself is not short of the odd word or two, and so it was on 22nd January that he made a repeat visit to the AA School of Architecture for a conversation with Valentin Bontjes van Beek. On 12th December a chilly Somerset House hosted Future Power s 2 presented by Superflux, with Brian Eno, Juliet Jacques, Liv Wynter and Jinan Younis.

Cancion De Libertad

Making Space a very good limited-run CD previously only available at Eno installations and on the Lumen website 01 Needle Click 02 Light Legs 03 Flora and Fauna Gleise 581d 04 New Moons 05 Vanadium 06 All The Stars Were Out 07 Hopeful Timean Intersect 08 World Without Wind 09 Delightful Universe seen from above Compiled by Eno for sale exclusively at his installations, this was first made available while guest artistic director of the Brighton Festival, 2010. Music For Future Installations previously unreleased 01 Unnoticed Planet 02 Liquidambar 03 Sour Evening Complex Heaven 3 04 Surbahar Sleeping Music Ideal for divination and prophecy as to the likely location of as yet unplanned and uncoordiated events.