Daniela Stickroth - The Slot / Painted Girl (File, MP3) opinion

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Largo - Vivaldi*, I Musici, Federico Agostini - Die Vier Jahreszeiten - 6 Concerti Op. 8 (Vinyl, LP)

For power generation stations that use a central tower to collect sunlight reflected from a field of heliotstat, the heliostats are the major cost element, so simpler and cheaper heliostat designs have a big payoff. This new design by Solaflect Energy supports the heliostat mirrors using mostly tension cables rather than the traditional heavy bending structure.

Little Secrets - Hot Gossip (2) - You Look Faster When You Are Young (CD, Album)

What is a slagging match. Answer an argument or dispute which involves an exchange of insults and accusations.

Rupture - Ardisson - The Break From Infinity (CD)

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